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Close More Sales With B2B AR & VR Solutions

Take advantage of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create personalized, hands-on experiences that help your business close more sales. With our B2B AR and VR solutions, your company can discover and make the best ideas for AR and VR experiences a reality.

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Capture & close more leads with B2B AR & VR solutions

Whether your B2B offers products or services, you can take advantage of virtual reality and augmented reality to capture and close more leads.

Already, B2B companies in a range of industries, from consulting to manufacturing, have used AR and VR to generate leads, drive sales, and maintain market share.

With Adlevel, your business can develop a solution that:

  • Targets multiple stages of the buying funnel, from awareness to purchase
  • Solves some of the biggest purchasing pain points for your target audience and your sales team
  • Generates a return on investment (ROI) so you can expand your AR and VR initiatives

“Adlevel is by far the most dedicated partner we’ve worked with. They are clearly committed to the success of our business in the long term.”

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How will an AR and VR solution from Adlevel help your B2B?
Investing in an AR and VR solution for your B2B offers several benefits, including:
Create an experience that your leads remember
Unlike traditional sales presentations, which require leads to watch and listen, AR and VR create interactive experiences. You provide buyers the chance to interact with your product first-hand. That’s a powerful and effective tactic in selling — especially when your competition overlooks AR and VR.
Offer a hands-on experience that engages leads and builds brand awareness
Whether your business attends trade shows, conducts virtual presentations, or even visits lead locations, you can use AR or VR to create a hands-on experience. These experiences engage your leads and build brand awareness at critical moments, like when a buyer visits dozens of booths at a trade show.
Build an experience that invests leads in your company’s products or services
Augmented reality and virtual reality experiences also invest leads personally in your products or services. This personal investment can result from gamified experiences or hands-on experiences that show your product’s size, functions, and benefits.

For example, Lloyd’s Register, which offers safety and performance training services for the energy sector, used VR to create a gamified experience to help train and educate its clients. The best part is the project (which was a $55,000 investment) paid for itself — and then some.
Deliver a memorable experience that makes leads more likely to choose your business
You’re one of many potential solutions for a lead, which is why it’s critical to create a memorable experience. Even if you’re only competing against two or three other companies, a long sales cycle makes it easy for leads to forget what makes your business special.

That’s why AR and VR solutions offer such a competitive advantage.

With AR or VR, plus Adlevel, you can create an engaging and hands-on experience that leads remember. That memory of what it was like to view your product or preview your services can make all the difference when choosing a partner.
3 ways your B2B can use virtual reality for marketing
Looking for ways your B2B can use virtual reality for marketing? Three VR applications include:
  1. Product demos
  2. Training
  3. Conferences
Keep in mind that virtual reality experiences require a headset, like Google Cardboard, to use.
5 ways your B2B can use augmented reality for marketing
Looking for ways to use augmented reality for marketing your B2B? Five applications include:
  1. Product demos
  2. Training
  3. Conferences
  4. Sales meetings
  5. Enhanced product offerings
Compared to VR, augmented reality offers more flexibility in its applications. Leads don’t have to wear a headset, for example. Instead, they can use their smartphone to access these experiences, like previewing your product in their building.
Get started with a custom AR and VR solution for your B2B
Many B2B companies overlook the power and effectiveness of AR and VR, unsure of how they can use augmented reality and virtual reality for their products. Yet, there are plenty of ways your business can use VR and AR to create an engaging, hands-on experience that results in more leads and more revenue.
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