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Learn more about marketing your business on Amazon

As the product marketing landscape continues to evolve, all businesses — especially small-to-mid-sized companies focusing on ecommerce — must market their products to reach more potential shoppers.

Optimizing your website for search engines and launching pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns is a fantastic start to boosting your web presence. However, when it comes to advertising and selling products online, there is one tactic you can’t afford to overlook: marketing on Amazon.

Today, Amazon is the most used search engine for product searches — it even gets more product searches than Google! Although you may not think of Amazon as a search engine, the ecommerce platform allows you to optimize for its result pages to promote your product.

Looking to promote your products and increase their sales? Then, keep reading to learn more about marketing on Amazon and how to use Amazon for your business. For even more tips about product marketing on Amazon, check out our email newsletter Revenue Weekly!

Table of contents: Resources for Amazon marketing

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The basics of Amazon marketing

I want to launch an Amazon store

Marketing tips and strategies for Amazon

Measuring Amazon marketing results

Outsourcing Amazon marketing

What is Amazon marketing?

Marketing on Amazon is a strategy that allows sellers and vendors to sell and promote their products through Amazon. Just like marketing on other channels, there are multiple tactics to choose from after you decide to start marketing on Amazon.

Why use Amazon for product marketing?

Is Amazon the best fit for your business? In most cases, the answer is yes.

Even if your company maintains its own website and online shop, Amazon most likely has a far greater reach and customer base than your site, meaning that marketing on Amazon will most definitely increase the overall number of people viewing your products online.

Opening a storefront on Amazon also adds another revenue stream to your business. As long as you continue to optimize your website for search engines or run ads, you can continue to generate sales from your site.

Learn more about the basics of Amazon marketing

What do search engines have to do with SEO? Everything. Learn all about search engines and how to optimize your website with these resources:

  • Introductory Amazon marketing resources

    • What Is Amazon Marketing and How Does It Work?
    • What Is Ecommerce Amazon Marketing?
    • What Is B2C Amazon Marketing? The Beginner’s Guide
    • What Is B2B Amazon Marketing? (And How to Get Started)
    • What Is Amazon Marketing for SMBs?
    • Should You Sell on Amazon or Your Own Website?

How to launch your store on Amazon

To begin selling your products on Amazon, you first need to launch your Amazon Storefront! Setting up a storefront is an easy process that any seller can complete. To start, you’ll need to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry — a tool from Amazon for protecting your products from copycats.

One you’re registered with Amazon Brand Registry, you’re ready to set up your storefront! To do this, log into either your Amazon Seller Central account or your Amazon Vendor Central account. After logging in, the process is as easy as selecting “Storefront” in the main navigation, clicking “Create Store,” and choosing your brand from the pop-up box. You have a plethora of customization options to choose from, which we’ve outlined for you in our complete guide to opening your Amazon Storefront.

Learn more about launching your Amazon Storefront

  • Store launch resources

    • How to Open a Storefront on Amazon (And Start Selling)
    • Stores and Marketplaces Launch Services for Amazon
    • How to Get Your Ecommerce Store Listed on Amazon
    • Consulting Services for Amazon
    • How to Sell Online and Where to Sell Online
    • Brand Registry Consulting Services for Amazon
    • Amazon Selling: 4 Tips for Becoming a Profitable Seller on Amazon
    • Amazon Business vs. Seller Account: Which Do You Need?

How to market your products on Amazon

On Amazon, your business can use a variety of strategies, including these product marketing tactics for Amazon.

SEO for Amazon

Similar to search engine optimization (SEO) on Google, SEO for Amazon focuses on optimizing product pages to improve where the products show up, or rank, within the result pages of an Amazon search.

Sellers and vendors want to optimize their product pages so their products rank at the top of search results for relevant keywords or queries. Like traditional SEO, SEO for Amazon is also free to use unless outsourcing or investing in tools.

When doing SEO to promote your products on Amazon, you can approach it as you would doing SEO for your own ecommerce website.

Like all good SEO campaigns, the process begins with keyword research. You’ll want to identify long-tail keywords that help you stand out from the competition and connect you with the needs of your target audience.

Once you select your keywords, use them to guide you as you optimize your Amazon storefront. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Manage your reviews
  2. Optimize your title
  3. Pay attention to image guidelines
  4. Use competitor research to help price your products
  5. Optimize product descriptions for readability

Advertising on Amazon

If you’re selling on Amazon but not utilizing Amazon Ads, you could be missing out on opportunities to win new customers. Amazon Ads offers multiple types of ads, including:

  • Sponsored Product Ads
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Product Display Ads

If you’re just getting started, Sponsored Product Ads are a great place to start because they appear directly next to Amazon search results.

You may already be familiar with Sponsored Brands ads, which appear at the top of search results. These are great for associating your brand with products as they allow you to display your logo and up to three products in that category.

Product Display Ads show on Amazon similarly to other display ads you might be running with Microsoft Ads or Google Ads. With these types of ads, you can target users based on their interests or target products that are related to yours, allowing you to expand your reach.

While Amazon’s Sponsored Product Ads and Sponsored Brands ads use the pay-per-click (PPC) pricing model, Product Display Ads use the cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) pricing model.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) for Amazon

Conversion rate optimization is vital for any ecommerce seller. On Amazon, where there are millions of competitors, the stakes are even higher. Amazon CRO focuses on increasing the number of shoppers who convert and purchase your products.

To begin, identify elements that may convince users to choose your products. These factors may include product titles, descriptions, prices, and images.

From there, test different variations of these elements. While it may be tempting to throw something together and see what sticks, A/B test your changes so you can track the impacts of your optimizations and maximize your conversion rate using real data.

Amazon review management

Reviews on Amazon are crucial for encouraging shoppers to choose your products. They can also impact your visibility on Amazon, as they affect your rankings on Amazon search results.

That’s why Amazon review management is so important. Review management includes encouraging customers to leave reviews, responding to reviews, and answering questions.

External marketing

Often referred to as off-Amazon marketing, this strategy allows vendors and sellers to create ads and link these ads to their Amazon product page or Brand Store. These links can come from many places, with the seller or vendor deciding where the links go. Some examples include:

  • Email marketing: Promoting your Amazon Storefront through your email newsletters
  • PPC advertising: Using PPC advertising channels outside of Amazon, such as Google Ads, to promote your products in search engines and other pages across the Internet
  • Social media marketing: Linking to your Amazon products in your organic social media posts
  • Social media advertising: Placing ads for your Amazon products on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

Marketing tips and strategies for Amazon

Want more Amazon marketing tips? Check out these articles for some of our top Amazon marketing tips and strategies.

  • General Amazon marketing tips and strategies resources

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  • SEO for Amazon

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  • Advertising on Amazon

    • Types of Ads on Amazon: Your Guide to Advertising on Amazon
    • 7 Amazon Advertising Strategy Ideas for 2021
    • Remarketing Ads on Amazon: The Best Way to Retarget Amazon Users and Earn More Conversions
    • Advertising Cost for Amazon: What is the Average Cost of Amazon Ads?
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    • The Complete Guide to Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)
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    • How to Calculate Your ACoS (And Determine Your Break-Even)
    • 5 Amazon Sponsored Product Ad Optimization Tips to Help You Nail Your Ad Campaigns
    • PPC Management Services for Amazon
  • CRO for Amazon

    • Amazon Conversion Rate Optimization: Everything You Should Know
    • How to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Amazon: 9 Proven Tips
  • Amazon review management resources

    • How to Get Reviews on Amazon: 5+ Proven Tactics
    • 6 Tactics to Help Your Business Get More Qualified Reviews on Amazon
  • External marketing for Amazon

    • 5 Email Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Measuring your Amazon marketing results

To maximize your success on Amazon, it’s important to track and measure your Amazon marketing results. Amazon offers a tool called Amazon Brand Analytics that can help you gauge your brand’s performance in the marketplace and ensure you’re capitalizing on every opportunity.

For example, one of the many available reports in Amazon Brand Analytics shows you the search terms shoppers used to find your products.

This report tells you which keywords are most valuable to your business and can give you new ideas for terms to target.

To get started, be sure to check out these Amazon seller metrics first:

  1. Order defect rate (ODR)
  2. Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate
  3. Late shipment rate
  4. Conversion rate

Learn more about Amazon analytics

  • Amazon analytics resources

    • What Is Amazon Brand Analytics and What Can It Do for You?
    • Amazon Brand Analytics: How to Use Amazon Analytics [Guide] | Adlevel
    • 3 Amazon Seller Reports Your Brand Should Look at Each Month
    • 4 Amazon Seller Metrics You Must Monitor for Success
    • What is a Good Amazon ACoS and 4 Tip for Lower Your ACoS
  • Amazon marketing tools and platforms

    • Amazon Tech: 3 Best Amazon Seller Tools of 2021
    • The Complete Guide to Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)
    • Determine Your Ads’ Click-Through Rate With Our Free CTR Calculator
    • Calculate Your Amazon Ads’ Cost Per Click With Our Free CPC Calculator
    • Calculate Your Conversion Rate With Our Free Conversion Rate Calculator
    • Estimate Your Amazon Sales Margin Instantly
    • Amazon SEO Tools: Why You Need One (Plus This Year’s 5 Favorites)
    • Your Go-To Amazon Keyword Research Tool: KeywordsFX

Outsourcing Amazon marketing

Because of the large number of sellers on Amazon, it can be difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to manage all the components of a successful campaign. Between A/B testing for CRO and conducting keyword research for Amazon SEO, marketing your business on Amazon can be a challenge.

To help with this and maximize your marketing results, consider working with a marketing agency for Amazon. By acting as an extension of your team, an agency can help you grow your small business and generate more sales. When you have an agency to handle your marketing on Amazon, you also have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

To get the most value out of your marketing agency, consider a full-service digital marketing agency like Adlevel. We can generate ROI-focused results with strategies customized to fit the needs of your business.

Whether your business needs help generating additional clicks through PPC, standing out from the crowd with CRO, or establishing your brand with Amazon SEO, marketing agencies can help grow your business through Amazon.

Learn more about outsourcing Amazon marketing

  • Resources about working with an Amazon marketing agency

    • Marketing & Advertising Agency for Amazon | Adlevel
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  • Amazon marketing services resources

    • Services for Amazon | Marketing & Advertising
    • Marketing Services for Amazon
    • Maximize Your Store’s Visibility with Our SEO Services for Amazon
    • Improve Your Search Visibility and Sales with Our Review Management Services for Amazon
    • Get Expert Advice With Consulting Services for Amazon
    • Reach More of Your Ideal Customers, Boost Your Sales, and Lower Your Ad Costs With Our Advertising Services for Amazon
    • Protect Your Brand and Business With Brand Registry Consulting Services for Amazon
    • Ensure Your Store is Optimized With Store Management Services for Amazon
    • Ecommerce Marketing Services for Amazon
    • B2B Marketing Services for Amazon
  • Amazon marketing pricing resources

    • Marketing Pricing for Amazon
    • SEO Pricing for Amazon

Additional Amazon marketing resources

Learn more about Amazon marketing and digital marketing with these additional resources.

If you want to stay in the loop on the latest advice for digital marketing on Amazon and elsewhere across the Internet, sign up for our email newsletters.

  • Amazon marketing resources by category

    • General Resources for Amazon
    • Amazon for B2B Companies
    • Amazon for B2C Companies
    • Ecommerce on Amazon
    • Ecommerce on Amazon for Enterprise Companies
    • Amazon Terminology
    • Amazon for SMBs
    • Amazon Statistics
    • Marketing Tech for Amazon
  • Additional digital marketing channels and strategies

    • Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
    • Local SEO
    • Email Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • Digital Advertising
    • Online Marketplaces
    • Digital Marketing Analytics
    • Lead Generation

Market (and sell) your products on Amazon with Adlevel

Whether you are new to marketing on Amazon and don’t know how to get started, or you already market through Amazon and need help with optimization, Adlevel offers a variety of marketing services for Amazon to meet your unique needs.

For example, you can get help with:

  • Creating and launching your store on Amazon
  • Optimizing your product listings on Amazon
  • Promoting your products on Amazon with ads
  • Improving your sales with a one-on-one consultation
  • Increasing your product reviews

So, whether you are looking to start from scratch or build on an existing foundation, Adlevel has the team, tech, and know-how to significantly enhance your marketing strategy on Amazon, giving your products the necessary reach to boost sales and improve your bottom line. Don’t waste any time getting your products more exposure. Contact us today!

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