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AI Solutions: Turbocharge Marketing Results with AI Services

Did you know that 72% of marketing teams see AI solutions as a business advantage?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is growing in popularity, and for industries like marketing, it’s changing the game.
Businesses in all industries can use AI solutions to drive superior marketing results.
On this page, we’ll talk more about:
  1. AI technology solutions
  2. How AI can help you operate more efficiently, drive more leads, and earn more revenue
  3. How AI affects each of your marketing channels
  4. Benefits of hiring an AI solutions company
  5. How to get started with AI services
If you’d like to learn more about AI consulting from an agency full of AI experts, give Adlevel a call at +1 (909) 296-4515. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about AI services and how they can help your company thrive!
What is AI?
Before we dive into the meat and potatoes of AI solutions, let’s quickly cover the definition of AI.

Chances are, you’ve heard the term before, but you might not understand exactly how it fits in with similar terms like big data, deep learning, and machine learning.
  1. Artificial intelligence: You can think of AI like the outer-most ring of a target. It’s essentially an all-encompassing term that means computers can be as smart as humans.
  2. Machine learning: Machine learning is the next ring of the target, and you can think of it as a subset of artificial intelligence. It is the way that you can train computers, or machines, to perform human tasks.
  3. Deep learning: Last but not least, deep learning is a sub-category of machine learning. Deep learning has even more capabilities than machine learning and can essentially make decisions on its own without much human interaction or training.
  4. Big data: Big data is one of the easiest terms to understand since it simply refers to the giant sets of data that machine learning, big data, and deep learning use to learn.
How can AI services affect your business?
Now that you understand the definition of AI, how can you relate its capabilities to your business?

When you think of your business using AI technology solutions, you might picture little robots running around your brick and mortar store, helping guide shoppers to their perfect products.
Although that doesn’t seem far off, AI solutions aren’t, in fact, tiny robots. But they can help sell your products and services.

In short, AI technology solutions can help your business do the following:
  1. Manage your workflow
  2. Communicate with customers
  3. Craft targeted marketing campaigns
  4. Analyze previous marketing campaigns
There’s a lot to talk about with each of these AI solutions, so let’s talk a little more about each.
AI solutions can help you manage your workflow
Your workflow is a huge part of your business. Without a smooth, effective workflow, you might find your business in a downward spiral.

It’s no secret that it can be difficult for businesses to stay on top of their business. From payroll to inventory, there’s a lot to keep track of when you own a business. But that’s where AI technology solutions come in.
Payroll management
AI solutions improve every day, and every day we get closer to a completely automated payroll management system.

When you train a computer with machine learning and deep learning, you can train it to do just about anything. The algorithms you feed the machine give it knowledge beyond comprehension, and the machine eventually becomes so intelligent that it’ll be able to make decisions on its own.

Not only that but when your payroll management platform uses machine learning, it can spot trends and help to automate the process.

Eventually, with AI consulting, payroll will become completely done by machine.
Budget management
Since you can train your computer to do just about anything with AI consulting, you’ll be able to train it to manage your budget, too.

Your machine will recognize patterns in your previous months’ budgets and be able to set upcoming budgets and predict future spending.

This takes the guesswork out of ensuring that your business is on track financially.
Inventory management
With a campaign from a leading AI solutions provider, you can even automate inventory management.

You can train your machine to know when it’s time to order new products, or even alert you when you start to run out.

This can save your business time by keeping you from spending hours in the stock room counting every last product.

Not only that, but when you opt for AI consulting to help with tasks like inventory management, you’ll also have access to future buying predictions, supply chain anomalies, and so much more.
AI solutions can help you communicate with customers
Everyone’s been there — you realize it’s your grandma’s birthday in one short week and you have yet to buy her a gift. You find her a sweater that you know she’ll love, but you’re not sure if it’s made of wool, which makes her itchy.

It’s past 5 p.m., which is when the store closes, and you’re not able to call in to determine the materials used in the sweater. You can either wait until tomorrow to contact the store, or you can use the company’s online message bot to get the answers to your questions immediately!

With AI services, you can be sure that you’re available to customers at all hours — even after your brick and mortar store is closed, on holidays, and on weekends.

This is ideal for customers that have immediate questions that could make or break a sale and can help you increase the number of conversions — simply by being available at all hours.

Not only that, but users love to communicate without picking up the phone. It’s a huge benefit to online shoppers when you offer users the option to talk to an automated robot that has all the answers to all of their questions.

AI solutions for bot marketing allow you to train up a bot to answer customer questions when you’re not available.
AI solutions can help you craft targeted marketing campaigns
If you currently have a marketing campaign in place for your business, you know how important it is to reach the right customers at the right time. If your marketing campaign isn’t crafted in a way that caters to your perfect audience, you likely won’t see as many sales as you’d like.

That said, AI consulting services can help you craft targeted marketing campaigns that help you reach your most qualified audience at the right time to increase the probability of conversions.

There are a few ways that AI marketing solutions help you do so.
Determine target keywords
Target keywords are perhaps the most important part of marketing. They’re relevant in just about every area of your campaign — they help your content rank highly in SERPs, they help you target social audiences with hashtags, and they help you win ad space in results pages.

Without the right keywords, you likely won’t have a successful marketing campaign. With the immense emphasis placed on keyword targeting, it’s only right to allow AI to take the wheel in determining what keywords to use in your campaigns.

AI solutions can determine the anticipated success of specific keywords to ensure that you don’t waste your time targeting the wrong ones.

Do you sometimes have trouble coming up with the perfect target keywords? When you work with Adlevel, you’ll have access to our proprietary AI software suite, MarketingCloudFX, which provides you with tons of tools to help you make better marketing decisions.

Specifically, ContentAnalyticsFX and PredictionGeniusFX can help you decide what content topics and keywords will have the highest ROI for your business — taking all the guesswork out of selecting the right keywords.

Both platforms use deep learning and feed off of historical data that we’ve collected to help develop predictions for just how well your content will perform.

Not only does it help you create amazing content, but it also gives you a massive marketplace advantage.
Determine the best time of day to market
Did you know that there are right and wrong times to send emails and post on social media? There is a level of intricacy when it comes to marketing that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and when you opt for AI services, you can rest assured that you’re marketing to your audience at the ideal time.

AI can help determine what times are most successful for your different marketing campaigns.

For example, AI can determine what time is best to send email newsletters based on the open rate and success of previous campaigns.

It can also help you determine when to post on social media based on engagements.

Imagine having a personal assistant to tell you exactly when to send that email or post on social. With AI consulting services, you can!
AI services can help you analyze previous marketing campaigns
Without analyzing previous campaigns, you’ll never be able to make strides in terms of marketing.

But with AI technology solutions, you’ll be able to import previous campaign data and allow AI to do the rest.

When you use AI solutions for marketing, you’ll be able to determine what campaigns were the most successful and draw conclusions about why. This, in essence, will allow you to recreate your most successful campaigns and ditch the campaigns that didn’t deliver.

This can save you a lot of time and money since you won’t be wasting either on campaigns that don’t help you reach your business goals.
AI marketing solutions for specific campaigns
Now that you know how AI solutions can affect your overall business, let’s talk about specific ways that AI consulting can affect each of your marketing campaigns.
AI solutions for content marketing
Without content, Google has nothing to rank, which means you won’t get ample exposure online. The goal is to ensure that all your content ranks highly in Google so that users can find your products and services online, and eventually, follow through with a conversion.
But to rank highly, you have to craft content that speaks to your target audience, and AI solutions can help you do just that.

Here are the ways that AI marketing solutions can help you craft the perfect content:
  • Generate performance reports that help dictate an effective content strategy
  • Perform content research to help you create well-rounded content
  • Suggest topics that would create beneficial content
  • Ensure that content aligns with user intent
  • Suggest similar content to readers
  • Suggest a list of target keywords that are expected to perform well in search
AI solutions for SEO
SEO, or search engine optimization, is another huge part of the online marketing puzzle, and AI has a big hand in making it more successful than ever.

If you want your content to rank in Google, SEO is a must, and AI consulting can help you achieve the best possible SEO campaign.

Don’t forget — MarketingCloudFX offers tools that can help you predict the SEO impact of new page content or updated page edits!

AI consulting for SEO can help you achieve the following:
  • Adapt to algorithm changes so that you continue to rank highly
  • Recommended low-hanging fruit to help content rank higher, quickly
  • Increase website traffic based on suggested site edits
  • Help you find link building opportunities
AI consulting for PPC
Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), is one of the best ways to take over more results page real estate. But it can be daunting to come up with the perfect keywords to bid for, win your online auctions, create landing pages that convert, and everything else that comes with running a successful PPC campaign.

If you’re overwhelmed with PPC, AI solutions can help. Specifically, Adlevel’s suite of marketing software known as MarketingCloudFX offers a tool called CPLdashboardFX to help you understand the budget behind lead generation strategies like PPC.

Here are a few ways that AI marketing solutions can help you win with a PPC campaign:
  • Determine what keywords will be the most successful
  • Use the results of A/B test to help you craft the best possible ad
  • Help you bid correctly with bidding automation
  • Encourage conversions with landing page optimization
AI services for social media marketing
Social media marketing is a great way to build your brand online while providing an added channel to communicate with customers online. It’s also a great way to share beneficial information with your audience and score some additional traffic to your website.

But there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to social media marketing, and AI services can help you streamline them.

Here are some social media benefits you’ll see with AI technology solutions:
  • Create a 24/7 online presence with chatbots
  • Manage automated bidding for social media ads
  • Audience targeting based on user behavior, social usage, and more
  • Determine what kinds of posts perform best based on previous engagement
AI consulting for email marketing
Email marketing is another fantastic marketing strategy that allows you to provide your target audience with beneficial information, special offers, and more.

Not only that, but it reaches your most qualified audience right in their inbox and can work to increase website traffic and conversions overall.

Here are some ways that AI solutions can help you craft the most effective email marketing campaign:
  • Suggest subject lines that will convert based on the success of previous emails
  • Determine the ideal time to send emails for optimal open rate
  • Help personalize emails to increase recipients’ interest
  • Create automated content based on previous emails
  • Customize promos to specific customers
  • Create a retargeting plan to research customers who almost converted
Why should I hire an AI solutions company?
If you’re excited about all the amazing results AI services can drive for your company, you’re likely thinking about the next steps.

If it’s as easy as training your machine to make decisions, you can probably head your AI solutions campaign on your own, right?

Think again. AI is an extremely precise and tedious process that likely requires a professional to work properly.

You could find yourself spending hours upon hours trying to figure out your AI campaign when the best option is to simply hire an AI consulting company to do the work for you.

When you hire an AI consultant, they can effortlessly train your machine so that you can start reaping the benefits of AI technology solutions as soon as possible.
Adlevel can help you understand the possibilities of AI solutions
If you want to chat more about the ways that AI services can flip your company upside down in the best way, Adlevel can help.

Our full suite of marketing tools known as MarketingCloudFX can give you a huge marketplace advantage and help you craft the perfect, customized marketing campaign.

Our team is full of AI specialists that can help you understand AI marketing solutions and how they relate to your specific business. We work with a variety of industries from luxury retail brands to heavy equipment and everything in between.
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