Traffic Platform Ad Solutions

InText Ads

InText ads are just hypertext links appearing within the text-based content. The user can reveal information by hovering over the links. However, they are less impressive than the visually-rich CPV and display ads, and should be used meticulously to engage users who are keenly interested in digging out more information.

Full Page CPV (Cost-per-View) Ads

CPV ad allows the advertiser/publisher to display video ads. The user can integrate the video ad and configure its settings to get displayed on the right devices. Interestingly, the advertiser gets charged only when the published videos get viewed by the audience.

Display Advertising

Ads can be displayed in a wide range of formats — varying sizes and file types — as per the needs of the advertisers. The publisher can get them integrated with matching websites, forums, social media, etc. based on the availability of space and audience’s behavior.